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Our Vision

At the micro stage of Havens Future, we provide resources for youth and families that support them throughout the challenging process of the Children and Family Services System.

We are committed to assisting families with legal support, and aid with required courses and other classes to enrich their lives as they prepare to fight and reclaim their rights. We will ensure that children who are removed from their homes have the basic necessities while in the care of the state or county.

At the macro stage, we look to build and operate Care Centers where our staff of highly trained Care Advocates will host families, who are being observed, to avoid the necessity of separating families while Children and Family Services conduct investigations and work through the court process. Families will be monitored by staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure the safety of the children and to certify the fitness of the care givers.

Our Care Centers will be fully equipped with 2- and 3-bedroom suites to accommodate our guest. While there they will receive resources that include (for adults) counseling, parenting classes, anger management classes, and domestic violence classes (for both victims and abusers). In addition, parents and care givers will be able to attend AA programs, job readiness, and skills training.

Children will be provided with counseling, anger management classes, coping skills, tutoring, and after school programs.  There will be on-site dining, pool, and recreation center. In addition to the classes and courses that are provided, a Care Advocate will be assigned to travel with each family to and from the children’s activities, with the goal of maintaining the children’s schedule as normal as possible without interruption.

Our Mission

We work to help families in need achieve social justice.

To help families navigate through the intensive and stressful CFS process with the most minimal impact to the family structure.


Meet our Team

Stevevonna Evans
Founder / Vice Chair
Rose Lyles
COO / Treasurer
Tj Campbell
Board Member
Cameren Evans
Chair / Productions
Johanna Suarez
Productions Assistant